Adding Elegance and Beauty to Homes with Oriental Rugs

10 Apr

There are so many options of colours and designs when it comes to buying oriental rugs to decorate a house.  After you decide to enhance your house using oriental rugs, make sure that you consider the colour and design you want. Those who intend to use rugs to complement the home features must make sure that they get items that are similar to the other house features. Even though oriental rugs are in most cases found in dining rooms and living rooms they are also prevalent options for runners for foyers bedrooms and high traffic areas.  You can also decide to use a decoration scheme that will entail using the rug in all the interior spaces. 

All the oriental rugs are those that emanate from Asia and include the Persian, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian and Caucasian rugs.  In as much as all these countries try coming up with a unique style and quality of rugs, they imitate the designs from Persia and the current Tibetan designs.  Using hands to make rugs is an old method although it is still used in coming up with good designs that usually reflect the religious and ethnic beliefs of the history and origin or a country.  The designs are still being made using hands or using the current weaving industries.   Some of the prevalent rug patterns used include floral motifs with central medallions, geometric or curvilinear designs or central scenes that are identical to pictures. Know more here!

For you to decorate using these oriental rugs at, it is paramount that you take the design and colour into consideration.  The colour choice should be able to complement the other types of colours used in rooms it will be placed and should either dominate or accent those colours or include one or more of them. When the colours used are compatible with the other colors of a room, even the modern homes can be improved using the popular traditional designs of oriental rugs.  When choosing your rug design, consider how it will be used.  The rugs having a medallion and central theme are ideal if they will be visible.  The right option to use for rugs that will be placed under the bed or a dining table are the ones that have repetitive patterns all through or those with  the best details on the borders.  

 You should look out for reputable dealers and outlets to buy the rugs from.  Before stepping out to look for the carpet, make sure that you know the colour, design and size to buy. When you have a clear idea of what you need, and you have made decisions beforehand, it will reduce the number of options that you will face when on the store making the selection. Watch this video at for more info about rug repair.

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